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David Pagoumian
Office President

Phone: (732) 603-2082

1040 Broad Street Suite 303  
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702


Our team specializes in all facets of property and marine insurance coverages for smaller businesses to large programs, from single carrier placements to quota-shared/layered placements. We are results oriented, and our goal is to provide you with a perfect client experience, reduce your time and expense, and help you achieve economic success and financial security. We understand that you have choices, so naturally, our overriding commitment to quality and your satisfaction are our primary measures of success.

We support our retail brokers by providing a wide range of advisory services such as:

  • Account Analytics – More than ever, technology is changing the evaluation and pricing of risk. In-depth understanding of these tools is critical in creating the right insurance program at the right price. Custom risk assessment reports guide our retail partners throughout the sales process.
  • Technical Expertise - Our team has a deep and thorough technical understanding of property coverages, which adds exceptional value to our advisory and placement services.
  • Marketing - We have long-term underwriting relationships and are close to the key decision makers. We keep abreast of emerging markets and have exclusive CRC facilities to complement your needs.
  • Servicing – Our proficient support staff provides our clients with exceptional on-going servicing throughout the account process.

For expedited service, please forward the following:

  • Statement of Locations/Values (including COPE information)
  • Five-Year Loss History (summary or loss runs)
  • Specifications (required limits, deductibles, coverages or copy of current policy)


  • Primary/ Excess Property/ Ground-Up
  • CAT and Non-CAT Exposures
  • DIC, Flood, Earthquake or Coastal Wind
  • Terrorism/ Active Shooter/ Liability
  • Builders Risk/ Course of Construction
  • Deductible Buy-Downs (AOP, Flood, EQ, and Wind)
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Inland Marine/ Stock Throughputs/ Cargo


  • All Property-Related Coverages (No Premium/ TIV Restrictions)
  • SOV Preparation
  • Comprehensive Submissions
  • RFP Support
  • Conceptuals/ Proposals
  • CAT Modeling/ Risk Assessment Reports
  • Manuscript Coverage Forms
  • Exclusive Facilities/ In-House Products
  • Quota Shared/ Layered Programs
  • Deficient Protection Classes
  • Adverse Loss History


  • Real Estate
  • Habitational (Condos/Apartments)
  • Vacant Property
  • Forced Placed Programs
  • Institutional/ Municipalities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing/ Distributors
  • Retailer/ Wholesale Trade
  • Hospitality/ Entertainment
  • Restaurants/ Food Services & Processing

Team Contacts

David Pagoumian
Office President
P: 732-603-2082

Robert Marsh
Senior Vice President
P: 732-362-0699

Alda Joffe
Senior Vice President
P: 732-603-2090

Craig Hagan
Assistant Vice President
P: 732-603-2087

Lori Smerecki
Account Executive
P: 732-603-2078

Jenn Ryan
Account Executive
P: 732-603-2083

Kim Morgan
Broker Assistant
P: 732-603-2091