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Peter Youtt
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Specialty - Casualty - Primary, Lead Umbrella & Excess Liability

Heavy Construction/Contractors
Products Liability
Employers Excess Indemnity(EEI) - for Nonsubscribers to Texas Workers Compensation(WC)*

*Nonsubscription to the WC law is an alternative available to employers for their Texas employees (NOTE: not just employers headquartered in Texas, but national/international corporations with locations in Texas). Most responsible nonsubscribers develop their own Voluntary Benefit Plan(VBP) for their employees (Medical, Lost Income, AD&D).
Advantages for Employers -> Lower Costs; Fewer Lost Time Days; Higher Employee Satisfaction

-Employer VBP stipulates qualifications for benefits, etal (e.g. timeframe for reporting of incidents/claims, appeals procedures, identifies medical providers).
-Employer chooses medical providers and allowable services.
-Employer allowed to communicate with claim adjusters and medical providers as necessary.
-Employer issues check for lost income.

Advantages for Employees -> Better, More Responsive Medical Care.

Industries with Highest Utilization Rates (works best for fixed-base employee location; not as well for construction/contractors):

-Healthcare (hospitals, senior living)
-Hospitality (hotel; restaurant)

Notable Employers that Currently Nonsubscribe:

- Home Depot
- Wal Mart
- Central Freight
- Pizza Hut
- Baylor Healthcare
- McDonalds
- Omni Hotels
- Kroger

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