Placing You First.

Randy Doss

Phone: (713) 425-8682

10375 Richmond Ave Suite 500  
Houston, TX 77042
I am a property and inland marine broker who finds innovative solutions for a multitude of risks. I specialize in catastrophe risk that include but are not limited to the following:

Earthquake (West Coast & New Madrid)
Critical Flood (including first dollar for zones not covered by NFIP)
Windstorm (Tier I and II as well as Caribbean)
Wind Deductible Buybacks
Stand-alone Business Interruption (including rents only)
Stand alone Ordinance and Law
Stand-aloneTerrorism (including nuclear)

All Risk on Primary or Excess Basis:
Full Limits
Primary Loss Limit
Excess of Loss
Single Peril Risk (including DIC)
Quota Share
Multi-Layered Programs (Including Global)

Inland Marine:
Builders Risk (Including renovations)
Contractors Equipment (including waterborne and/or downhole coverage)
Cranes & Rental Equipment (Boom Exclusion can be removed)
Warehouseman's Legal Liability
Cold Storage Warehouse
Auto Physical Damage
Motor Truck Cargo

Type of Risk:
Real Estate {Office Buildings, Shopping Centers (Including Malls), Office Buildings, Retail Stores)
Habitational (Garden Style Apartments, Condominiums, Student Housing)
Public Entity {Municipalities, Including School Districts, City, State and/or County (or Parish) Schedules}
Manufacturing {Paper, Plastics, Rubber, Oil and Gas (Including Biomass)}
Chemical Risk (including manufacturing)
Hotel and/or Motel
Woodworking (Including Cabinet manufacturers, Lumberyards & Related Operations)
Forestry Risk (including logging operations)
Vacant Properties (including short term policies)

I realize that you cannot afford mistakes in the placement of your important clients. I know I can help you with these clients!