Placing You First.

Elisabet Qin Chow
Broker Assistant

Phone: 212-618-0174

32 Old Slip   
New York, NY 10005


Elisabet is a Technical Assistant with CRC Group, responsible for assisting producers and brokers with technical issues so that they can focus on producing. Her position is still fairly new so the job description is still evolving to meet the needs of the team. Elisabet works to assist anyone and everyone that needs her help.

Elisabet graduated from The College of Staten Island in 2018, having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology. She’s always had a strong work ethic, and began working summers at McDonalds at the age of 16. While it wasn’t glamorous, she learned how to work efficiently as part of a team to serve others. During college she worked as a waitress for a year and then at a printing shop for another 2 years before joining the insurance field. Since that time, she’s gained 3 years of insurance industry experience working for Next Century Insurance in Brooklyn, NY. Elisabet was initially hired as a customer service representative, but her role grew significantly and led her to become a licensed insurance broker. She’s proud of the fact that she’s independent and financially stable as a recent college graduate. Elisabet is a new addition to CRC and recently joined the team in October 2018.

Professionally, she’s passionate about helping the company to grow in any way she can, whether that be through growing accounts, policies, client base, or nurturing relationships with carriers and agents. Already, the team is getting to know Elisabet for being efficient, highly organized, and determined to get the job done with excellence. In the coming year, she wants to continue to master her current position and become an essential part of the CRC team.

Elisabet lives in Staten Island, New York and in her free time she enjoys arts and crafts such as painting, drawing, building and designing, or interior decorating.