Placing You First.

Lucienda Chung
Account Executive

Phone: 212-618-0157

32 Old Slip   
New York, NY 10005


Lucienda Chung is an Account Executive with CRC Group, responsible for supervising the daily management of client accounts, coordinating activities among brokers, clients, and markets to facilitate an efficient workflow, and creating organized data reports based on market research.

After graduating from New York’s School of Visual Arts in 2011, Lucienda gained insurance industry experience working for State Farm Insurance as a Customer Service Representative. Lucienda joined CRC Group in 2015 as a Production Assistant. She’s continued to grow in skill and experience and was promoted to her current Account Executive role in 2017. In her professional life, Lucienda’s most passionate about efficiency and is recognized for constantly seeking the most the efficient and accurate pathway to get the job done. Working efficiently ensures she’s always prioritizing team and account needs maintaining a laser focus on exceptional customer service and teamwork. Her willingness to collaborate with colleagues and clients, dependability, and strong sense of initiative creates a working environment that supports whole team success. Lucienda continues to set professional development goals that keep her moving forward. In 2019, she plans to expand her skills in the area of marketing with an eye toward the goal of transitioning to a marketing role in the future.

Lucienda lives in New York, where she’s taken on the challenge of rock climbing. The sport has quickly become an obsession because the challenge helps her stay fit and includes all the things she enjoys - problem solving, efficiency, and a great community made up of people from diverse backgrounds. Although she recently underwent ACL reconstruction surgery, Lucienda is ready to tackle the challenge of taking her rock climbing skills to the next level. She’s also dedicated much of her free time to volunteering at rock climbing events that focus on preserving nature and public access as well as promoting equality within the sport.