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NY - Manhattan (Midtown)

1325 Avenue of the Americas, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10019
Primary Telephone: (212) 732-1360

NameTitleLocationEmailPhonePractice Group
Flood, TerriInside BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3950 
Keane, KevinBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3931Property
Mezzano, JosephBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 440-5837Property
Landry, JohnSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 400-6585Property
Caifa, FrankDirectorNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC)FCAIFA@CRCINS.COM516-827-2358Property
Gibb, BenBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3948Casualty
Ribeiro, NewtonInside BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3944Casualty
Steinzor, MerylBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3917Casualty
Kodryanu, AnnaBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3958Casualty
Testa, BrandonSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 232-5523Casualty
Bloch, BrianVice PresidentNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 827-2366Casualty
Leston, JoeSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3916Casualty
Kullman, AlexSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3915Casualty
Reich, WendyInside BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3935Casualty
Pellittieri, MichaelSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3919Casualty
Lombardo, JoeUnderwriterNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 232-5511Casualty
McBurnie, BillBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3945Casualty
Hahn, MattBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 645-9934Casualty
Khadivian, Gigi Associate BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3904Professional
Blair, Carol-AnnVice PresidentNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 878-4200Professional
Curley, TomSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3902Professional