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Daugherty, CoreyBrokerAL - 414-2214Professional
Gould, AlexBrokerAL - 414-2438Professional
Hays, BrandonAssociate BrokerAL - Birminghambhays@crcins.com205-414-2359Casualty, Professional
Hughes, RustySenior BrokerAL - 414-2286Professional
McClure, LeeBrokerAL - 414-2217Professional
O'Connor, TylerBrokerAL - 414-2477Professional
Phillips, SusanSenior BrokerAL - 414-2239Professional
Powell, JamesBrokerAL - 414-2293Professional
Reeves, CathyAssociate BrokerAL - 414-2433Professional
Reich, TreyBrokerAL - 414-2350Professional
Segrest, ClayBrokerAL - 414-2435Professional
Smith, ChristyUnderwriterAL - 414-2220Professional
Taylor, TruittBrokerAL - 326-3830Professional
Trigg, ScottUnderwriting ManagerAL - 414-2434Professional
Woodward, CoreyAssociate BrokerAL - 414-2360Professional
Jones, MattBrokerAZ - Scottsdale (SC) 404-7800Professional
Stinnett, Becky DirectorCA - Fresno (SC) 261-3330Professional
Harris, DonDirectorCA - Irvine (SC) 477-6654Professional
Higgins, GreggDirectorCA - Irvine (SC) 477-6664Professional
Mistry Gandhi, AkeenaBrokerCA - Irvine (SC) 477-6653Professional
Moore, JaneDirectorCA - Irvine (SC) 477-6662Professional
Alferez, DavidSenior BrokerCA - Los Angeles (SC) 439-3485Professional
Horoshak, JayDirectorCA - Los Angeles (SC) 439-3438Professional
Vanderwall, DirkDirectorCA - Los Angeles (SC) 439-3486Professional
White, JasonManaging DirectorCA - Los Angeles (SC) 439-3417Professional
Khabbaz, DinorahInside BrokerCA - Redondo 844-5946Professional
Kuchta, JamesSenior BrokerCA - Redondo 844-5944Professional
Shrubb, MichaelInside BrokerCA - Redondo 844-5947Professional
Thrasher, PeteDirectorCA - San 951-8459Professional
Batewell, ShereenAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 986-5050Professional
Bronstein, CaryBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 986-5050Professional
Brotman, CathyBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2299Professional
Davis, LindsayAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 986-5050Professional
Donnelly, ThomasSenior BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2267Professional
Doyle, IanBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 951-8436Professional
Enriquez, MindaBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2289Professional
Garcia, Jeanne-MarieAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2235Professional
Gibbons, ElizabethAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 986-5050Professional
Gilmore, MikeBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2284Professional
Hidalgo, ErikaAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 986-5050Professional
Koehn, GarrettRegional DirectorCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2278Professional
Krahl, WilliamAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 986-5050Professional
Kronenberger, KristinaBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 986-5050Professional
Levine, MichelleBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2253Professional
Ly, TimAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 986-5050Professional
McLaverty Spatz, MollyBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2282Professional
Noel, DixieBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 986-5050Professional
Quintanilla, Lisa Broker AssistantCA - San Francisco (California Street)lquintanilla@crcins.com904-886-1723Professional
Slawson, AlexSenior BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2231Professional
Stone, HeatherAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 986-5050Professional
Verry, KatieBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2250Professional
Whitelaw, MattSenior BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2214Professional
Ahmuty, JohnSenior BrokerCA - Woodland Hills (SC) 598-6408Professional
Bluhm, AaronSenior BrokerCA - Woodland Hills (SC) 593-2008Professional
Dawkins, BarbaraDirectorCA - Woodland Hills (SC) 598-6446Professional
Meza, TonyAssociate BrokerCA - Woodland Hills (SC) 598-6407Professional
Catanuto, DavidUnderwriting ManagerCO - 922-7208Professional
Greenwood, BradInside BrokerCO - 922-7216Professional
Kim, JoshuaInside BrokerCO - 386-8044Professional
Lewis, JasonOffice PresidentCO - 922-7222Professional
Menck, DanielInside BrokerCO - 922-7210Professional
Moran, JestonInside BrokerCO - Denverjmoran@crcins.com720-282-2540 Professional
Scheiblin, ScottAssociate BrokerCO - 969-8385Professional
Spelts, TrevorInside BrokerCO - 922-7224Professional
Suh, JamesSenior BrokerCO - 386-8046Professional
VandeKemp, GerritDirectorCO - 755-5775Professional
Wienges, ChipBrokerCO - 334-2201Professional
Barnett, WillBrokerFL - Boca Ratonwbarnett@crcins.com561-962-4363Professional
Myer, DanDirectorFL - Tampa - 532-6210Professional
Dowie, MichaelBrokerFL – Lakewood Ranch (Trilogy) 806-6116Professional
Andronaco, NickAssociate BrokerGA - 969-8352Professional
Buck, FredOffice PresidentGA - 969-8313Professional
Connor, MichaelSenior BrokerGA - 969-8329Professional
Keller, Eric Associate BrokerGA - 280-1269Professional
King, DawnBroker AssistantGA - 969-8336Professional
Mikes, StacyInside BrokerGA - 969-8362Professional
Piche, LorneInside BrokerGA - 969-8324Professional
Cove, KelliAssociate BrokerGA - Atlanta (SC) 240-5264Professional
Godde, GreggSenior Vice PresidentGA - Atlanta (SC) 240-5265Professional
Scharfnorth, RachelAssociate BrokerGA - Atlanta (SC) 240-5297Professional
Suarez, WendyBrokerGA - Atlanta (SC) 240-5262Professional
Helsley, WilliamBrokerGA – Suwanee (Trilogy) 845-6488 Professional
Henderson, MikeOffice PresidentID - Meridian (SC) 350-7008Professional
Abraham, NatalieAssociate BrokerIL - 442-4166Professional
Antonucci, EdDirectorIL - 442-4242Professional
Ernst, NormanOffice Vice PresidentIL - 899-7330Professional
King, TimDirectorIL - 442-4111Professional
Levin, TomBrokerIL - 899-7320Professional
Mayuga, RommelBrokerIL - 267-8140Professional
Newcomer, IanDirectorIL - 442-4112Professional
Waldeck, MarkOffice PresidentIL - 879-7135Professional
Abraham, NatalieAssociate BrokerIL - Chicago (SC) 442-4166Professional
Antonucci, EdDirectorIL - Chicago (SC) 442-4242Professional
King, TimDirectorIL - Chicago (SC) 442-4111Professional
Newcomer, IanDirectorIL - Chicago (SC)inewcomer@crcins.com312-442-4112Professional
DiBenedetto, RobertDirectorMA - Boston (SC) 757-3300Professional
Marquis, MichaelBrokerME - 885-6200Professional
Martin, JeffBrokerME - (207) 885-6246Professional
Queen, SueDirectorME - 885-6200Professional
Sanders, MickyDirectorMI - Bloomfield Hills (SC) 451-3040Professional
Caruthers, LindaDirectorMN - Minneapolis (SC) 334-2386Professional
Schmidt, AshleyDirectorMN - Minneapolis (SC)aschmidt@crcins.com612-334-2387Professional
Little, TammyOffice PresidentNC - High 889-1317Professional
McCandless, JoannaInside BrokerNC - High 889-1316Professional
Braun, CarolynBrokerNJ - 286-3456Professional
Schenendorf, GregBrokerNY - Long 827-2344Professional
Blair, Carol-AnnVice PresidentNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 878-4200Professional
Curley, TomSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 293-3902Professional
Hall, ScottBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown)SHall@crcins.com212-293-3903Professional
Khadivian, Gigi Associate BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 293-3904Professional
Field, HaroldOffice PresidentNY - New York (SC) 618-0188Professional
Hayward, ScottDirectorNY - New York (SC) 618-0143Professional
Mendoza, NelsonBrokerNY - New York (SC) 618-0173Professional
Noel, DixieBrokerOR - 675-2220Professional
Benda, AllysonSenior BrokerTN - 882-2846Professional
Campbell, JoeAssociate BrokerTN - 882-2840Professional
Forscht, TCBrokerTN - 882-2858Professional
Gooch, KatieBrokerTN - 882-2865Professional
Trimble, Mary AnnBrokerTN - 882-2843Professional
Valencia, DarrenUnderwriting ManagerTN - 599-4620Professional
Curren, DonInside BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7079Professional
Lazarz, DanielBrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 672-2788Professional
Liberty, DominickAssociate BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 232-1870Professional
Lowery, BryanAssociate BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7072Professional
Pitts, KariVice PresidentTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7056Professional
Robison, MikeSenior BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7070Professional
Vitanza, VinceInside BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7071Professional
Hamilton, RachelBrokerTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill)rhamilton@crcins.com214-672-2743Professional
Herbert, AndySenior Vice PresidentTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill)aherbert@crcins.com214-672-2739Professional
Becker, JohnDirectorUT - Salt Lake City (SC) 733-9075Professional
Burbage, LisaSenior Vice PresidentWA - 340-8151Professional
Smith, MarkSenior Vice PresidentWA - 340-8181Professional
Burbage, LisaSenior Vice PresidentWA - Seattle (SC) 340-8151Professional
Smith, MarkSenior Vice PresidentWA - Seattle (SC) 340-8181Professional