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Baggett, MaggieAssociate BrokerAL - 414-2330Casualty
Baker, AndrewSenior BrokerAL - 414-2443Casualty
Baker, CarolInside BrokerAL - 414-2245Casualty, Property
Carter, LilesAssociate BrokerAL - 414-2442Casualty
Cook, PhilipBrokerAL - 414-2304Casualty
Curtin, PeterBrokerAL - 414-2342Casualty
Dunavant, DanAssociate BrokerAL - 414-2236Casualty
Dunbar, ClayBrokerAL - 414-2246Casualty
Fisher, ReidAssociate BrokerAL - 414-2340Casualty
Hays, BrandonAssociate BrokerAL - Birminghambhays@crcins.com205-414-2359Casualty, Professional
Hosey, MarthaSenior BrokerAL - 414-2224Casualty
Juliano, Katie Associate BrokerAL - Birminghamkjuliano@crcins.com205-414-2437Casualty
LaRocca, JoeBrokerAL - 414-2290Casualty
Lukasik, RobbyAssociate BrokerAL - 414-2345Casualty
Mangina, ChrisInside BrokerAL - 414-2426Casualty
Mather, ZachBrokerAL - 414-2247Casualty
McFadden, JustinInside BrokerAL - 414-2339Casualty
Parsons, Jon MichaelAssociate BrokerAL - 414-2311Casualty
Sealock, StephanieInside BrokerAL - 414-2255Casualty
Sloneker, DaveSenior BrokerAL - 414-2225Casualty
Adolphsen, Jennifer BatesSenior BrokerAZ - Scottsdale (SC) 404-7803Casualty
Bell, Eric Vice PresidentCA - Fresno (SC) 261-3362Casualty
Fosdick, JohnOffice PresidentCA - Irvine (SC) 477-6665Casualty
Coles, JeffBrokerCA - Los Angeles (SC) 439-3400Casualty
Fosdick, JohnOffice PresidentCA - Los Angeles (SC)jfosdick@crcins.com949.477.6665Casualty
McCall, MikeExecutive Vice PresidentCA - Los Angeles (SC) 439-3414Casualty
Robb, RobinSenior BrokerCA - Los Angeles (SC) 543-5715Casualty
Uyeda, CynthiaInside BrokerCA - Los Angeles (SC) 543-5713Casualty
Aldrich, EvanBrokerCA - Redondo 543-5707Casualty
Haggans, ReggieBrokerCA - Redondo 398-9230Casualty
Hopkins, MickeyOffice PresidentCA - Redondo 543-5701Casualty
Hunter, BrianaAssociate BrokerCA - Redondo 543-5705Casualty
Pickford, Brian Associate BrokerCA - Redondo 543-5711Casualty
Thomas, MatthewBrokerCA - Redondo 543-5712Casualty
West, VinceInside BrokerCA - Redondo 543-5703Casualty
Livingston, ChrisBrokerCA - San 951-8412Casualty, Property
Sarao, VanessaBrokerCA - San 951-8430Casualty
Chassman, JoshSenior BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2237Casualty
Cimino, DavidSenior BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2203Casualty
DeLuca, MicheleAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2266Casualty
Gable, WendyVice PresidentCA - San Francisco (California Street) 912-3576Casualty
Howard, JasonSenior BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2246Casualty
Paran, HomerInside BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2290Casualty
Peterson, MattAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 986-5050Casualty
Sullivan, ShaneAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street)Ssullivan@crcins.com415-675-2223Casualty
Ward, AndreaBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) 675-2293Casualty
Bohuslav, SheilaSenior BrokerCA - San Francisco (One California St.) 537-2304Casualty
Scott, PeterOffice PresidentCA - San Francisco (One California St.) 537-2302Casualty
Bolognone, KevinAssociate BrokerCA - Santa 681-1214Casualty
Bottoms, AndrewBrokerCA - Santa 474-2003Casualty
Engel, DianaBrokerCA - Santa 681-1225Casualty
Hernandez, Branden Associate BrokerCA - Santa 681-1213Casualty
Katcef, JoshuaBrokerCA - Santa 681-1255Casualty
Klements, DeborahAssociate BrokerCA - Santa 474-2015Casualty
Vido, SashaAssociate BrokerCA - Santa 681-1241Casualty
Dangelo, CeliaBrokerCA - Woodland Hills (SC) 598-6404Casualty
Donofrio, Joan BrokerCA - Woodland Hills (SC) 598-6466Casualty
Haggans, ReggieBrokerCA - Woodland Hills (SC) 543-5709Casualty
Horan, AndyInside BrokerCA - Woodland Hills (SC) 598-6458Casualty
Kim, DanielInside BrokerCA - Woodland Hills (SC) 598-6455Casualty
Lovitt, EmalynBrokerCA - Woodland Hills (SC) 598-6435Casualty
Mahoney, MaggiBrokerCA - Woodland Hills (SC) 593-2008Casualty
Hamilton, JimSenior BrokerCO - (303) 386-8040Casualty
Hart, ErinAssociate BrokerCO - 386-8032Casualty
Schmahl, JasonBrokerCO - 386-8030Casualty
Kim, JoshuaBrokerCO - Denver (Satellite Office) 386-8044Casualty
Calabro, NicholasBrokerFL - Boca 962-4348Casualty, Transportation
Levine, NathanBrokerFL - Boca 962-4375Casualty, Property
Martino, Carol AnnInside BrokerFL - Boca 962-4352Casualty
Martin, JeffreyBrokerFL – Lakewood Ranch (Trilogy) 806-6120Casualty
Bradberry, RobinSenior BrokerGA - 969-8334Casualty
Dadi, AbiyAssociate BrokerGA - 969-8319Casualty
Dunn, JeffSenior BrokerGA - 969-8380Casualty
Ingram, ReneeInside BrokerGA - 969-8333Casualty
Mattison, TomBrokerGA - 969-8346Casualty
Nadler, RyanAssociate BrokerGA - 969-8392Casualty
Nettles, CraigBrokerGA - 969-8360Casualty
Stone, TimSenior BrokerGA - 969-8358Casualty
Wilson, JackieInside BrokerGA - 969-8309Casualty
Jones, PhilipOffice Vice PresidentGA - Atlanta (SC) 240-5311Casualty
O'Tool, NathanBrokerGA - Atlanta (SC) 240-5224Casualty
Amacher, LanceBrokerGA – Suwanee (Trilogy) 845-6494     Casualty
Braig, BillBrokerHI - Honolulu (SC) 545-2401Casualty
Faber, VickiInside BrokerHI - Honolulu (SC) 545-2652Casualty
Ferrer, TammyAssociate BrokerHI - Honolulu (SC)TFerrer@crcins.com808-275-4758Casualty
Gable, ScottAssociate BrokerHI - Honolulu (SC)sgable@crcins.com808-275-4760Casualty
Andrews, CushmanSenior BrokerIL - 879-7126Casualty
Bejarano, CatalinaInside BrokerIL - 442-4110Casualty
Cattoni, ScottVice PresidentIL - 879-7122Casualty
Graffis , JanetInside BrokerIL - 879-7131Casualty
Greenebaum, RobertCentral Region DirectorIL - 442-4100Casualty
Kosoff, JennyVice PresidentIL - 442-4170Casualty
Levitt, RonOffice PresidentIL - 442-4105Casualty
Lopez, SueInside BrokerIL - Chicagoslopez@crcins.com312-442-4136Casualty
Malatt, SusanSenior BrokerIL - 879-7130Casualty
McGuire, JohnSenior Vice PresidentIL - 442-4161Casualty
Merris, BenSenior Vice PresidentIL - 975-2489Casualty
Settineri, NickSenior Vice PresidentIL - 442-4178Casualty, Property
Shields, BradyBrokerIL - 899-7352Casualty
Winkler, AaronVice PresidentIL - 442-4204Casualty
Winkler, TerrySenior Vice PresidentIL - 442-4200Casualty
Zawaski, AnthonyVice PresidentIL - 899-7315Casualty
Bejarano, CatalinaInside BrokerIL - Chicago (SC) 442-4110Casualty
Greenebaum, RobertCentral Region DirectorIL - Chicago (SC) 442-4100Casualty
Kosoff, JennyVice PresidentIL - Chicago (SC) 442-4170Casualty
Levitt, RonOffice PresidentIL - Chicago (SC) 442-4105Casualty
Lopez, SueInside BrokerIL - Chicago (SC)slopez@crcins.com312-442-4136Casualty
McGuire, JohnSenior Vice PresidentIL - Chicago (SC) 442-4161Casualty
Merris, BenSenior Vice PresidentIL - Chicago (SC) 975-2489Casualty
Winkler, AaronVice PresidentIL - Chicago (SC) 442-4204Casualty
Winkler, TerrySenior Vice PresidentIL - Chicago (SC) 442-4200Casualty
Dlott, EricBrokerMA - Boston (SC) 757-3300Casualty
Joyal, GaryOffice PresidentMA - Boston (SC) 757-3315Casualty
Morrell, KeithBrokerMA - Boston (SC) 757-3340Casualty
O'Neill, ShanaBrokerMA - Boston (SC)shoneill@crcins.com617.757.3312Casualty
FitzPatrick, BrianBrokerMN - Minneapolis (SC) 334-2082Casualty, Property
Martin, ChrisBrokerMN - Minneapolis (SC)chrismartin@crcins.com612-334-2388Casualty
Fagan, SethBrokerMO - St. Louis (SC) 471-0783Casualty, Property
Brodman, KeithAssociate BrokerNJ - 286-3495Casualty
Echols, KennethInside BrokerNJ - 286-3464Casualty
Georgaros, MichaelSenior BrokerNJ - 286-3490Casualty
Montano, AnthonyOffice PresidentNJ - 286-3455Casualty
Rudd, TravisBrokerNJ - 286-3469Casualty
Braig, BillOffice PresidentNV - Reno (SC)BBraig@crcins.com808-275-4782Casualty
Ferrer, TammyAssociate BrokerNV - Reno (SC)TFerrer@crcins.com808-275-4758Casualty
Gable, ScottAssociate BrokerNV - Reno (SC)sgable@crcins.com808-275-4760Casualty
Arlotta, FrankBrokerNY - Long 827-2319Casualty
Bloch, BrianBrokerNY - Long 827-2366Casualty
Devlin, JanineInside BrokerNY - Long 827-2322Casualty
Marx, Bari SueInside BrokerNY - Long 827-2330Casualty
Polese, VinceSenior BrokerNY - Long 827-2305Casualty
Rothschild, MarcOffice PresidentNY - Long 827-2301Casualty
Sheridan, RobinBrokerNY - Long 827-2324Casualty
Sisson, LoraSenior BrokerNY - Long 827-2357Casualty
Taylor, KimBrokerNY - Long 827-2356Casualty
Visconti, RinaSenior BrokerNY - Long 827-2302Casualty
Yovino, MichaelSenior BrokerNY - Long 827-2367Casualty
Cossetti, JosephSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Downtown) 440-5824Casualty
Curatolo, FredOffice PresidentNY - Manhattan (Downtown) 440-5893Casualty
Drobbin, GloriaSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Downtown) 440-5832Casualty
Engeldrum, JohnSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Downtown) 440-5892Casualty
Gautieri, JosephSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Downtown) 440-5890Casualty
Grieco, GinoBrokerNY - Manhattan (Downtown) 440-5844Casualty
Kupferberg, HowardInside BrokerNY - Manhattan (Downtown) 440-5863Casualty
Olekhnovich, YelenaInside BrokerNY - Manhattan (Downtown) 440-5836Casualty
Salinardi, PhilipInside BrokerNY - Manhattan (Downtown) 440-5846Casualty
Zharnest, CherylSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Downtown) 440-5849Casualty
Bloch, BrianVice PresidentNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 827-2366Casualty
Gibb, BenBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 293-3948Casualty
Gibb, BenBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 293-3948Casualty
Hahn, MattBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 645-9934Casualty
Kodryanu, AnnaBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 293-3958Casualty
Leston, JoeSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 293-3916Casualty
Lombardo, JoeUnderwriterNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 232-5511Casualty
Pannell, James Broker AssistantNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 293-3957Casualty
Reich, WendyInside BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 293-3935Casualty
Steinzor, MerylBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 293-3917Casualty
Testa, BrandonSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) 232-5523Casualty
Mastrolia, AnthonyBrokerNY - New York (SC) 507-4224Casualty
ODonnell-Ersek, LizBrokerNY - New York (SC) 885-6242Casualty
Peraza, VladimirAssistant Vice PresidentNY - New York (SC) 618-0146Casualty, Property, Transportation
Pigut, JackAssociate BrokerNY - New York (SC) 401-1565Casualty
Stanzione, LouisBrokerNY - New York (SC) 618-0164Casualty
Rutherford, M'LissaVice PresidentOR - 892-7223Casualty
Weir, BillBrokerPA - Jenkintown (SC) 572-4932Casualty
Blackshear, JakeOffice PresidentTN - 882-2851Casualty
Dempsey, Jessica Senior UnderwriterTN - 882-2873Casualty
Mai , AndreaAssociate UnderwriterTN - 882-2847Casualty
Bartnick, BlakeOffice PresidentTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7020Casualty, Property, Transportation
Canu, DavidBrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7092Casualty
Dietz, TedAssociate BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway)tdietz@crcins.com972-371-7019Casualty
Fleming, SarahInside BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7028Casualty
Hodge, ThaddAssociate BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7033Casualty
Laugermann, AngelaBrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 425-8680Casualty
Lee, DanielAssociate BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7073Casualty
Paul, MarkInside BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7077Casualty
Perez IV, Eric Inside BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7049Casualty
Scott, JakeAssociate BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7083Casualty
Slovak, KatrinaBrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7062Casualty
Thompson, CindyInside BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7027Casualty
Tumbleson, DanBrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7026Casualty
Williamson, ShaunBrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7030Casualty
Young, JoeSenior BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) 371-7029Casualty
Arsenault, StephanieBrokerTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill)sarsenault@crcins.com214-672-2748Casualty
Brincks, CindySenior BrokerTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill)cbrincks@crcins.com214-265-2639Casualty
Compton, ShelleyInside BrokerTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill)scompton@crcins.com214-265-2625Casualty
Hagan, PhilOffice PresidentTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill)phagan@crcins.com214-265-2637Casualty
Jenkins, BrentBrokerTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill)bjenkins@crcins.com214-265-2635Casualty
Martin, SharlaSenior BrokerTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill)shmartin@crcins.com214-672-2735Casualty
Murillo, StephanieInside BrokerTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill)smurillo@crcins.com214-265-2325Casualty
Banks, TracySenior BrokerTX - 425-8655Casualty
Gott, VirginiaSenior BrokerTX - 425-8981Casualty
Hartman, AndrewInside BrokerTX - 425-8966Casualty
Khajeh, RebeccaInside BrokerTX - 425-8650Casualty
Laugermann, AngelaInside BrokerTX - 425-8680Casualty
Lesch, JakeBrokerTX - 425-8689Casualty
Morrison, BrandiInside BrokerTX - 425-8691Casualty
Pell, MatthewAssociate BrokerTX - 425-8983Casualty
Richardson, KeithAssociate BrokerTX - 425-8656Casualty
Swanson, JenniferInside BrokerTX - 425-8980Casualty
Tredway, BrentOffice PresidentTX - 425-8640Casualty
Vice, Talmon Associate BrokerTX - 300-4443Casualty
Zschiesche, GregBrokerTX - 425-8648Casualty
Gloeckner, PeterBrokerUT - Salt Lake City (SC) 733-9066Casualty
Lee, LindaSenior BrokerUT - Salt Lake City (SC) 733-9063Casualty
Beard, ClaraSenior BrokerWA - 488-5061Casualty
Camp, JaneAssociate BrokerWA - 488-5073Casualty
Mansfield, TomVice PresidentWA - BothellJevyn.Backman@crumpins.com206.321.6032Casualty
Adolphsen, Jennifer BatesVice PresidentWA - 340-8172Casualty
Boehmer, JillOffice PresidentWA - 262-5333Casualty
Bosch, LindsayBrokerWA - 262-5336Casualty
Brown, StewartVice PresidentWA - 262-5307Casualty
Dias, FrankOffice PresidentWA - 448-9400Casualty
Glines, BethBroker AssistantWA - 448-9400Casualty
Hall, CammieInside BrokerWA - 262-5334Casualty
Leinas-Camp , PeggyBrokerWA - 551-8450Casualty
Peoples, BradyBrokerWA - 262-5324Casualty
Rankin, PamelaVice PresidentWA - 340-8184Casualty
Senterfitt, ToddInside BrokerWA - 262-5339Casualty
Walkowski, JoInside BrokerWA - 262-5343Casualty
Adolphsen, Jennifer BatesVice PresidentWA - Seattle (SC)jbates@crcins.com206.340.8172Casualty
Dias, FrankOffice PresidentWA - Seattle (SC) 448-9400Casualty
Glines, BethVice PresidentWA - Seattle (SC) 448-9400Casualty
Rankin, PamelaVice PresidentWA - Seattle (SC) 340-8184Casualty