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Baker, CarolInside BrokerAL - Birmingham (CRC) 414-2245Property
Cadden, JohnOffice PresidentAL - Birmingham (CRC) 414-2213Property
Daugherty, AustinAssociate BrokerAL - Birmingham (CRC) 414-2277Property
Dudley, ClayBrokerAL - Birmingham (CRC) 414-2469Property
Dunbar, StewartBrokerAL - Birmingham (CRC) 414-2244Property
Fagan, WillAssociate BrokerAL - Birmingham (CRC) 414-2219Property
Johnston, MasonVice PresidentAL - Birmingham (CRC) 414-2202Property
Martin, PaulBrokerAL - Birmingham (CRC) 414-2276Property
Nelson, TreyBrokerAL - Birmingham (CRC) 414-2291Property
Raspino, Melissa H.BrokerAL - Birmingham (CRC) 414-2275Property
Young, PhilipBrokerAL - Birmingham (CRC) 414-2207Property
Biersch, CurtDirectorCA - Los Angeles (CRC Swett) 439-3408Property
DeLeon, CathyBrokerCA - Los Angeles (CRC Swett) 439-3433Property
Heath, GerryBrokerCA - Los Angeles (CRC Swett) 439-3400Property
Watanabe, BonnieAssociate BrokerCA - Los Angeles (CRC Swett) 439-3472Property
Deugan, HeatherBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) (CRC) 675-2279Property
Farbstein, PaulSenior BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) (CRC) 675-2241Property
Gamble, DennisBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) (CRC) 675-2229Property
Holmes, LindsayAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) (CRC) 986-5050Property
Kilpatrick , JenniferBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) (CRC) 675-2256Property
Lee Kim , EdwardBrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) (CRC) 675-2243Property
Sipich, JamesSenior BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) (CRC) 675-2208Property
Stewart, ChipAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) (CRC) 675-2211Property
Tillery, AriannaAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) (CRC) 986-5050Property
Tvedten, LeneAssociate BrokerCA - San Francisco (California Street) (CRC) 986-5050Property
Aasen, BrandonBrokerCA - San Francisco (CRC Swett) 951-8474Property
Bianchi, JeffSenior Vice PresidentCA - San Francisco (CRC Swett) 951-8443Property
Kristensen, WolfgangSenior BrokerCA - San Francisco (CRC Swett) 951-8472Property
Mazur, PhilOffice PresidentCA - San Francisco (CRC Swett) 951-8446Property
Clayton, TedOffice PresidentCA - Santa Ana (CRC) 681-1227Property
Dow, Bill Inside BrokerCA - Santa Ana (CRC) 681-1236Property
Gumbrecht, MaryUnderwriterCA - Santa Ana (CRC) 681-1241Property
Kim, John Associate BrokerCA - Santa Ana (CRC) 474-2001Property
Sepulveda, XavierInside BrokerCA - Santa Ana (CRC) 681-1234Property
Bianchi, Jeff Office PresidentCA - Woodland Hills (CRC Swett) 951-8443Property
Foley, LisaBrokerCA - Woodland Hills (CRC Swett) 598-6415Property
McCool, MaryBrokerCA - Woodland Hills (CRC Swett) 376-1161Property
Veeh, NancyBrokerCA - Woodland Hills (CRC Swett) 593-2008Property
Yoon, TaeBrokerCA - Woodland Hills (CRC Swett) 598-6438Property
Schmahl, JasonBrokerCO - Denver (CRC) 386-8030Property
Calabro, NicholasAssociate BrokerFL - Boca Raton (CRC) 962-4348Property
Canamella, AndrewBrokerFL - Boca Raton (CRC) 962-4364Property
Friedman, CoreyAssociate BrokerFL - Boca Raton (CRC) 969-4349Property
Hoggle, PageAssociate BrokerFL - Boca Raton (CRC) 962-4409Property
Levine, NathanBrokerFL - Boca Raton (CRC) 962-4375Property
Mugavero, BobBrokerFL - Boca Raton (CRC) 962-4355Property
Pak, JunoBrokerFL - Boca Raton (CRC) 962-4380Property
Rhonehouse, BoAssociate BrokerFL - Boca Raton (CRC) 962-4373Property
Ross, DavidOffice PresidentFL - Boca Raton (CRC) 962-4346Property
Oliver, MarkOffice Vice PresidentFL - Tampa - Dale Mabry (CRC Swett) 535-1005Property
Coelho, Michael BrokerGA - Atlanta (CRC Swett) 240-5213Property
Edwards, TroyBrokerGA - Atlanta (CRC Swett) 240-5238Property
Ruhe, MichaelDirectorGA - Atlanta (CRC Swett) 240-5283Property
Traub, Ben BrokerGA - Atlanta (CRC Swett) 240-5276Property
Akins, StephanieInside BrokerGA - Atlanta (CRC) 969-8342Property
Christopher, David BrokerGA - Atlanta (CRC) 585-8414Property
Coviello Brown, Alexandra Associate BrokerGA - Atlanta (CRC) 969-8339Property
Denmark, LeilaAssociate BrokerGA - Atlanta (CRC) 969-8368Property
Duran, AlexBrokerGA - Atlanta (CRC) 969-8382Property
Kreis, MattBrokerGA - Atlanta (CRC) 969-8348Property
Rice, MendyBrokerGA - Atlanta (CRC) 969-8328Property
Weeks, BranddyeAssociate BrokerGA - Atlanta (CRC)bweeks@crcins.com678-969-8372Property
Yoss, JordanInside BrokerGA - Atlanta (CRC) 969-8384Property
Koontz, CaseyBrokerIL - Chicago (CRC Swett) 442-4141Property
Labovitch, BernieOffice Vice PresidentIL - Chicago (CRC Swett) 442-4140Property
Long, PaulBrokerIL - Chicago (CRC Swett) 442-4245Property
Morrow, JJBrokerIL - Chicago (CRC Swett) 442-4134Property
Newman, StaceyBrokerIL - Chicago (CRC Swett) 442-4244Property
Schubmehl, FarrahSenior BrokerIL - Chicago (CRC Swett) 442-4205Property
Settineri, NickSenior Vice PresidentIL - Chicago (CRC Swett) 442-4178Property
Shelton, NancyBrokerIL - Chicago (CRC Swett) 442-4142Property
Blakeley, JoeBrokerIL - Chicago (CRC) 267-8115Property
Kapadia, SachinBrokerIL - Chicago (CRC) 879-7101Property
Longfellow, DanielBrokerIL - Chicago (CRC) 879-7116Property
Rossen, DanielSenior BrokerIL - Chicago (CRC) 879-7124Property
Bianchi, MerlinBrokerLA - Metairie (CRC) 832-3653Property
Nodier, MitchOffice PresidentLA - Metairie (CRC) 799-2193Property
Dlott, EricBrokerMA - Boston (CRC Swett) 757-3300Property
Joyal, GaryBrokerMA - Boston (CRC Swett) 757-3315Property
Morrell, KeithBrokerMA - Boston (CRC Swett) 757-3340Property
FitzPatrick, BrianBrokerMN - Minneapolis (CRC Swett) 334-2082Property
McCarthy, BillBrokerMN - Minneapolis (CRC Swett) 334-2383Property
Fagan, SethBrokerMO - St. Louis (CRC Swett) 471-783Property
Morin, ToddBrokerNJ - Morristown (CRC Swett) 984-3507Property
Montano, AnthonyOffice PresidentNJ - Roseland (CRC) 461-2101Property
Hagan, CraigVice PresidentNJ - Shrewsbury (CRC) 603-2087Property
Joffe, AldaSenior Vice PresidentNJ - Shrewsbury (CRC) 603-2090Property
Marsh, RobertSenior Vice PresidentNJ - Shrewsbury (CRC) 935-801Property
Pagoumian, DavidOffice PresidentNJ - Shrewsbury (CRC) 603-2082Property
Martincich, MicheleSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Downtown) (CRC) 440-5856Property
Kalb , AndrewInside BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 440-5861Property
Keane, KevinBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 293-3931Property
Landry, JohnSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 400-6585Property
Landry, JohnSenior BrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 400-6585Property
Mezzano, JosephBrokerNY - Manhattan (Midtown) (CRC) 440-5837Property
Brennan, StephenSenior BrokerNY - New York (CRC Swett) 401-1557Property
Garner, EmmaOffice Vice PresidentNY - New York (CRC Swett) 618-152Property
Jacquot, Frederique Associate BrokerNY - New York (CRC Swett) 618-153Property
Kampfer, IanBrokerNY - New York (CRC Swett) 401-1553Property
Magliaro, EdOffice Vice PresidentNY - New York (CRC Swett) 618-151Property
Mercadante, JoeBrokerNY - New York (CRC Swett) 618-172Property
Petigrow, JeffreyAssociate BrokerNY - New York (CRC Swett) 401-1554Property
Rubel, ChaseAssociate BrokerNY - New York (CRC Swett) 401-1564Property
Thornton, BrianAssociate BrokerNY - New York (CRC Swett) 401-1552Property
Hahn, KevinOffice PresidentNY - Woodbury (CRC) 478-6001Property
Landry, JohnBrokerOH - Cincinnati (CRC) 828-6841Property
Jadach, StevenBrokerPA - Jenkintown (CRC Swett) 572-4903Property
Sulock, LucilleBrokerPA - Jenkintown (CRC Swett) 572-4908Property
Belman, BrentBrokerTX - Austin (CRC) 354-3813Property
Boykin, Ashley Broker AssistantTX - Austin (CRC)aboykin@crcins.com512.354.3811Property
Bruegging, StacySenior BrokerTX - Austin (CRC)sbruegging@crcins.com512.354.3815Property
Dauzat, JohnAssociate BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) (CRC) 371-7054Property
Drake, KathyInside BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) (CRC) 371-7032Property
Franz, HelenInside BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) (CRC) 455-6821Property
Hays, SuzannAssociate BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) (CRC) 455-6822Property
Kunkle, KatieAssociate BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) (CRC) 371-7040Property
Parks, MichealSenior BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) (CRC) 371-7051Property
Whitt, DanSenior BrokerTX - Dallas (Tollway) (CRC) 455-6820Property
Christopher , DavidSenior BrokerTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill) (CRC) 585-8414Property
Hoes, GregSenior BrokerTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill) (CRC) 265-2678Property
Kish, RobertOffice PresidentTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill) (CRC) 265-2638Property
Miller, BryanSenior BrokerTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill) (CRC) 265-2646Property
Sangenito, MarkBrokerTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill) (CRC) 672-2728Property
Tuley , JodiInside BrokerTX - Dallas (Walnut Hill) (CRC) 265-2333Property
Austin, MashaInside BrokerTX - Houston (CRC) 425-8975Property
Barclay , JamesAssociate BrokerTX - Houston (CRC) 425-8697Property
Bruegging, StacySenior BrokerTX - Houston (CRC) 425-8696Property
Carruth, MarthaInside BrokerTX - Houston (CRC) 425-8692Property
Christopherson, JimSenior BrokerTX - Houston (CRC) 425-8646Property
Doss, RandyBrokerTX - Houston (CRC) 425-8682Property
Guilbeau, ToddBrokerTX - Houston (CRC) 425-8959Property
Heidecker, NickInside BrokerTX - Houston (CRC) 425-8955Property
Purdy, JustinBrokerTX - Houston (CRC) 425-8698Property
Purdy, RyanBrokerTX - Houston (CRC) 425-8952Property
Tudor, GloriaSenior BrokerTX - Houston (CRC) 425-8645Property
West, DaneSenior BrokerTX - Houston (CRC) 425-8965Property
Woodbury, JasonInside BrokerTX - Houston (CRC) 425-8676Property
Atienza, CecileBrokerWA - Bothell (CRC) 488-5053Property
Atienza, Juan-PabloAssociate UnderwriterWA - Bothell (CRC) 939-5002Property
Brown, TerrySenior BrokerWA - Bothell (CRC) 488-5060Property
Figueroa , AmandaAssociate BrokerWA - Bothell (CRC) 488-5065Property
Forness, MaryBroker AssistantWA - Bothell (CRC) 492-2400Property
Jennings , RachelAssociate BrokerWA - Bothell (CRC) 488-5076Property
Sienkiewicz, NatalieBrokerWA - Bothell (CRC) 221-9628Property
Sutton , Dee DeeAssociate BrokerWA - Bothell (CRC) 488-5075Property
Epperson, JulieAssistant Vice PresidentWA - Seattle (CRC Swett) 448-9400Property
Nicholson, Shelbi BrokerWA - Seattle (CRC Swett) 340-8166Property
Randolph, CindySenior BrokerWA - Seattle (CRC) 262-5362Property